Our Philosophy

Organic Gardens Sussex philosophy is living sustainably and harmoniously within natures limit. Our aim is to restore balance, health and wellbeing to our environment through considerate innovative design, responsibly sourced materials and regenerative methods.

Our relentless quest to inspire positive change motivates everything we do. 

Organic Gardens Sussex is the first garden and landscaping company in the UK to have joined the 1% for the planet movement

A regenerative business

Sustainable is not enough for us, we believe as gardeners and landscapers we can and should go beyond this. That is why we class ourselves as a “regenerative business” we are constantly seeking and implementing more restorative and regenerative ways of working.

Our vision and mission

To become sustainable and beneficial for the planet. To offer products and services that inspire and initiate solutions to environmental problems while creating “naturally beautiful spaces for life”

Environmental Responsibility

Never use chemical pesticides or fertilisers.

Encourage maximum native planting to benefit local wildlife. 

Design in a way that is compassionate towards the environment and the existing area with a strong intent to naturally enhance the landscape. 

When building, always look for alternative and sustainable less harmful products to use where possible. 

Use a build once philosophy – we build to the highest standard so that our hard landscaping stands proud for duration.

Share knowledge and inspire others to take a natural approach. 

Social responsibility

By joining the “1% for the Planet” movement, Organic Gardens Sussex contributes 1% annual turnover to support environmental non-profit organisations. This is an extremely exciting initiative and we hope many other businesses will follow suit.

Here’s what “1% for the Planet” say in their book “Going Out is Going In”:

Turns out saving the world is one thing everyone can agree on, and that’s exactly what 1% for the Planet is doing. 1% for the Planet sits right in the intersection of business and the environment, realising that companies have a critical role to play in protecting the planet, and that more of them should. The way it works is simple: Member companies of 1% for the Planet give 1% of sales, every year directly to causes they care about. That’s no small feat.

With more than 1200 member companies spread across the globe, the 1% for the Planet to date has given over $175 Million to 3000 environmental non-profits.

When you see the 1% for the Planet logo, you know you’re supporting a committed business, and can be secure in the knowledge that a portion of your money spent will influence positive environmental change on the scale that’s needed to protect and restore the places we work and play.

We can’t think of a more noble cause.