A Lakeside Home

Cuckfield, West Sussex

Organic Gardens Sussex Project

The owners of this lakeside cottage had just completed an extension to the rear of the house and approached us for support with a planting for their garden which had been a building site for some time.

We were met with the challenge of a bare garden and heavy clay soil. Our first action was to bring in plenty of of highly nutritious topsoil and prepare the ground for the sowing of a beautiful lawn.

We weaved a living willow archway intertwined with Jasmine. Acers and large leafy plants compliment zen sculptures throughout. These along with the introduction of a wide variety of new flowers provide the garden with a balanced and peaceful feeling beside the waters edge.

My wife and I asked Rob and Darren for help in designing a garden following a re-landscaping project of our relatively small (120 m2) garden.  What first impressed us was the time they took to “take in” the whole environment of our garden. We border on a pond and they thought as much about the possible impacts on the ducks and waterfowl as about the plants themselves.  They presented us with a couple of different designs and recommended a range of suitable plants. They worked interactively with us to refine the design, and then regraded and enriched the topsoil and planted the shrubs and flowering plants we’d chosen together.  They also added a living willow archway which has become a novel and very attractive addition to the garden.

We heartily recommend the services of Rob and Darren to anyone interested in incorporating organic gardening methods and ways of thinking into their gardens.



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