The Manor House

Hangleton, East Sussex

Here we were asked to create a traditional garden with a small focus on edibles within the grounds of this beautiful home which is appropriately a listed building.

We installed a circular lawn with a brickwork edging to echo the existing retaining walls and create a softer shape that maximised planting space. A weaving stone path provides access to the garage and gates with scented flowers and herbs filling the spaces between the stones. A fence upon the wall provides welcome screening from the busy pub kitchen next door.

Organic Gardens Sussex project

Following care of the existing mature Magnolia, Crab Apple and a number of large shrubs, we then introduced new planting consisting of fruit trees, plenty of berries and floral shrubs, a number of climbers to enjoy the new fence, herbaceous perennials of various edible and wildlife benefitting varies. Closest to the house entrance, a kitchen garden consists of leafy greens, herbs and salads and is companioned with flowers that serve to deter pests and enrich the soil.

Wildflowers can also be found throughout the garden.



Garden Size



2017 (with ongoing planting and garden care)