The arrival of Autumn

Autumn is a wonderful season with so much to appreciate, from harvests to sunsets and the many late flowers. It is also a time to prepare ourselves for winter so our gardens can be as healthy as possible, right through to the coming Spring.

Thinking back

Did you see much wildlife in your garden over the summer? How many butterflies, moths, hedgehogs, birds, dragonflies, bees? There are many things you can do to encourage more wildlife into your garden – adding a small or large pond, creating suitable habitats with trees, log piles or insect hotels, and of course diverse planting to provide shelter and food for a variety of species. Our gardens must become havens for wildlife. Autumn is a time when many of us are tempted to completely tidy their garden – but a few wild corners will really make a huge beneficial difference.

Looking forward

There is lots of veg that you can grow over the winter to get a headstart and be able to enjoy harvests in early spring next year. Onion sets, garlic, and young plants of spring cabbage can all be planted in September and October to enjoy next spring. You can also sow seeds such as broad beans for an early crop next spring; ‘Super Aguadulce’ is particularly good for overwintering. Growing beans adds to your overall soil health as these plants fix nitrogen back into the soil.

Being present

A time to enjoy some incredible autumn colour, either in your own garden or in nearby parks and gardens. Leonardslee Lakes and Gardens near Horsham has some wonderful mature trees and is reopen again – enjoy unusual bark colour and textures, plus incredible leaf colour reflected in the lakes. Sheffield Park near Uckfield also has stunning woodland, lakes, and autumn colour, plus many events such as autumn photography workshops, winter stargazing and night time wildlife walks.

Authour: Lucy Lapere

For more information

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