Our Values

  • Environment

    As inhabitants of the world it is our responsibility to have a positive impact on the land and live our lives in a way that is true to the natural balance.

  • Quality

    Everything we do we do to the fullest of our ability. We are dedicated to achieving high quality.

  • Health

    Gardening benefits the health of people and the planet. We strive to increase the availability of fresh, locally produced and highly nutritious food.

  • Community

    Creating meaningful relationships and healthy communities.

  • Ethical and Fair

    We are committed to Fair Trade for our suppliers, excellent Value for our customers and nothing short of a decent Living Wage for our team members.

  • People Power

    We believe in the power of people to create the change they want to see in themselves and the world.

  • Learning

    Increasing environmental awareness and developing practical life skills.

  • Activism

    We strive to implement solutions to our ecological crisis.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create beautiful gardens that provide an abundance of produce which benefit and connect communities and contribute to a healthy planet.

Our Approach

As a conscientious gardening service we are committed to regenerative methods and working to have a positive impact on the landscape, increasing biodiversity to support thriving ecosystems.

Our approach minimises waste and respects our natural resources. We source all seeds, plants and soils from local organic suppliers. Wherever possible we utilise reclaimed timbers and other materials.

Our knowledge of plants and how they work together in different environments is continually growing and it’s always exciting to develop planting schemes that achieve best results. We aim to create harmonious gardens that give back to nature, providing beauty, wildlife and harvests for years to come.

We pride ourselves on performing all manner of gardening jobs to the highest possible standard, no matter the size of the project. Whether you’re looking for additional help with basic maintenance or looking to make improvements, we’ll be happy to assist.

Our services

  • Exceptionally good work, solid structures, great lawn, and beautiful plants
  • The team delivered our garden makeover superbly, tidy, efficient, on time. An all round great service delivered with a smile, bringing our garden to life with light, colour, variety and FOOD!

Free Consultation

For a free consultation or any other enquiries please call or email us on the contact details below.

Working Together

We are actively seeking opportunities to work in partnership with organisations who share our values.

We are open to hearing from individuals who have skills to contribute.

07850 892256 (Rob)
07739 330220 (Darren)