Design and Eco Landscaping

Consultation and Evaluation

Every project starts with an initial consultation and site visit with the client, allowing us the opportunity to discuss possibilities ask questions and get a clear picture of outcomes desired.

Create Space

Here is where we decide on what is beneficial and can either stay, be re-purposed or re-cycled. Once we decide on this then we can move into action creating the space needed for the enhancement of your garden.

Creating this space often enhances the design process, allowing a much clearer vision of the possibilities.


From initial concept sketches and photographic examples through to detailed plans and visualisations, we work with you to meet your needs and wishes, creating a design that is timeless and one that you will love for years to come.

We ensure you have a clear understanding of how your garden will shape up and mature over the seasons and that you have the all the information you need.


Once we are ready to begin creating your garden design, we will decide with you upon a clear strategy and schedule of works. We ensure your garden is clean and safe at all times and keep any noisy work to times that suit you and your neighbours.

Why Eco Landscaping?

Now is a crucial time to reduce carbon in our atmosphere.

Healthy gardens that nourish the soil and maximise organic diversity play a huge role in achieving this.